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Benefits of Own Your Golf Game

  • Chase’s swing coaching methodology that has been proven to earn D1 scholarships to the nation’s top college programs
  • PBT (Performance Based Training) to organize practice, quantify skills, track improvement, and take ownership and responsibility of your time
  • Adversity Training Drills and toughness exercises to help strengthen mental play
  • Unique access to Chase through a monthly live webinar providing answers to juniors and junior golf parents about college recruiting and anything golf related
  • Motivation and guidance to improve work ethic and achieve goals
  • Line Drawing Tools and video analysis software
  • $50/hr discount on in-person lessons

I am excited to have you join my elite junior platform!


You're getting my simple, easy to use, online instructional platform. This program has been proven to instantly add 30+ yards to your drive and get rid of your slice or hook.

This is the exact swing that I have mastered over the past 20 years. Because of it, I am the pound for pound longest driver in the world. At just 5 feet 5 inches tall and 119 pounds, I consistently drive the ball over 340 yards.

But what’s best about this program is that it is guaranteed to help you drastically improve and take your game to the next level!

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Join some of the best juniors in the country!

  • Emilia Migliaccio

    Emilia Migliaccio

    Achieved Jr Ranking of #1 in USA and #2 in the world overall before graduating
    Committed to Wake Forest

  • Stephen Franken

    Stephen Franken

    All ACC
    NC State University

  • Parker Gillam

    Parker Gillam

    Achieved Jr Ranking of #2 in NC Class of 2017 before graduating
    Committed to Wake Forest

  • Chris Kim

    Chris Kim

    #2 in NC Class of 2019

  • Peter Fountain

    Peter Fountain

    #2 in NC Class of 2020
    #20 in the World class of 2020
    Committed to University of North Carolina

  • Akshay Bhatia

    Akshay Bhatia

    #1 in NC Class of 2020
    #2 in the World Class of 2020

  • Quinn Riley

    Quinn Riley

    #2 in NC Class of 2018
    #64 in the World Overall (18 and under)

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