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I am excited to teach you my Maximum Efficiency Model Swing


You're getting my simple, Maximum Efficiency Model swing learning program that instantly add 30+ yards to your drive and gets rid of your slice or hook even if you are over the age of 50, weak, or injury ridden.

This is the exact swing that I have mastered over the past 20 years. Because of it, I am the pound for pound longest driver in the world. At just 5 feet 5 inches tall and 119 pounds, I consistently drive the ball over 340 yards.

But what’s best about this swing is that it’s designed and proven to reduce stress on the back and joints by making the swing easy.

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Real People, Real Results! You’re Next!

In just a few minutes, Chase has unlocked an extra 40 yards on my driver that I didn’t know existed!

Josh Rudolph
Josh Rudolph, Age 45

Chase has given me my distance back and I am striking the ball with extreme consistency!

Larry Hunter
Larry Hunter, Age 80

In two hours you got me hitting positions I haven’t been able to hit with 35 years of lessons.

Josh Rudolph
Peter Burridge, Age 52

Drive the ball 30+ yards farther with help from the pound for pound longest driver in the world, Chase Duncan.

Chase Duncan


Dustin Johnson


Pound for pound, Chase definitely outperforms the best on the tour.


Dr. Robert Neil - Acclaimed Golf Physicist and Founder of Golf Biodynamics

Ready to let Chase teach you the Maximum Efficiency Model Swing to start gaining huge distance and playing the best golf of your life?

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